The electronic prowess of Oscilla is not a fluke, or even a happy accident: it’s the product of one man’s determination to play his own part in this sonic renaissance. Just two quality singles and some remixes deep there’s an ever evolving landscape of songwriting that leaks into his production style. He’s not settling for good, but for best and it’s already clear that there’s no room for mistakes in the house of Oscilla. In the four months between his two singles, there’s a world of improvement, signifying a desire to not only reach a point of quality that was arguably already achieved with Colours, but to greatly exceed it.

Let’s start with the first of the two. Colours is … a masterfully pitch-shifted vocal, combined with a ghost kick sidechain set atop a jazzy electronic piano base. Compared to Colours, everything about Right Here feels more cohesive, more ambitious and more self-directed than it’s predecessor. From the bounding vocal samples to the brass stabs to the sugarcoated synth work, it’s a luminous track that exhibits the makings of an extremely talented producer

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