Interview + Double-Pass Giveaway to Crooked Colours at Pirie St (June 19th)


Genuine legends Crooked Colours are flying in to adelaide this Friday to shock us with their Electric Feel. The boys are heading around the country to deliver their 'Club Nights' tour and well, to party with you. They will be stopping off in Adelaide this Friday the 19th at Pirie Street Social Club and joining them will be your boy Flamingo.

Check you the interview below and tag'a'mate in the Facebook post to win a double pass to the show and a lock of Phil's hair.


1) You've got a swag of interstate guests on the road with you.....what can punters expect from the shows on this tour??

We're bringing along party starters Torren Foot and Mickey Kojak as well as very sweaty guests in each city and we're going to try and kick on has hard as we can. We basically just want all our friends, everyone we know to come down and party with us, get the communal vibes going and at the very least get very sweaty.

2) You recently released your own version of 'Electric Feel' by MGMT. With covers being so prominent and promotable right now what lead you to choosing that particular track?

To be honest, we were flicking through iTunes one day and thought damn, this song would be fun to cover. So we started jamming it in our live sets during the last San Cisco tour we did and we received a lot of love for it. People kept hit us up for a download so we recorded it just so we could put it up as a free download and its gone pretty well.

3) Name one thing you never go on tour without?

Gaffa tape.

4) If you could be re-incarnated as any 80's pop star who would it be & why?

Prince. Because he's the king.

5) What's the worst / worst thing about Adelaide??

The worst thing about Adelaide is the nut-case that lives behind The Gov. We were kicking the footy out behind the venue with the San Cisco guys last time we were there and out of nowhere he pops up with a machete in one hand and starts shouting at us for making too much noise. Everyone vacated pretty quick. 

Be there,

Young Muscle.