Archers are five musicians from Adelaide, SA that marry their own brand of psychedelic post-rock with aggressive overtones of post-punk. The robust energy and ghostly contrast of their music have made striking impressions with selections for Big Day Out, Spin Off Festival and Rip It Up's Hot Six (2013), as well as supporting fellow Australian artists Alpine, DZ Deathrays, Snakadaktal, Glass Towers and The Morning After Girls. Their debut release 'What Birds Think' – featuring singles 'Seven Skies' and 'Old Parades' – stirred audiences on the What Birds Think EP Tour with songs that bloomed floating melodies, telltale rhythms and a slow-burning nostalgia of all that should have never been left behind.

As they’ve scoured deeper into the rabbit hole they’ve exchanged melancholy for aggressive grooves and darker resolutions. This first taste surfaced in 2013 with the strong single ‘Nobodies’, and now follows Archers’ opening release of 2014 – ‘Long Now’. ‘Long Now’ delivers a catharsis of modern disconnect, as delayed guitars slither between urgent rhythms and mantras of deliberation, to envelop the listener in a climax of desperate surrender. Keeping in line with ‘Nobodies’, ‘Long Now’ reveals the wilder stripes of an exciting, up-and coming Adelaide band whose musical sensibilities are certain to capture the spotlight of the national music scene.